Getting the Essential Options for Drug Addiction is Easy Now

Modern methods of treatment of drug addiction are based on work, discipline and creativity. Specialists of rehabilitation centers set a goal – to change the way of life of previously dependent people in the most cardinal way. Only a complete change in the way of life will lead to getting rid of the addictive habit of using drugs and will allow you to manage your desires.

For those patients who doubt their desire to start treatment, clinic specialists conduct anonymous consultations. During the conversation, the doctor motivates the drug addict to begin treatment in the clinic and not postpone it for later. The lighthouse treatment center is important now.

  • From a medical point of view, substance abuse is as deadly a disease as drug addiction. Toxicomans inhale vapors of volatile solvents – glues, gasoline, paints, cleaners, the body is poisoned and short-term euphoria occurs, followed by retardation. The inhalation of volatile substances is often replaced by other forms of substance abuse, for example, by the use of tablets, as well as by drug addiction.
  • Toxicomania is treated by complex methods, covering all aspects of the disease – biological, psychological, spiritual and sociocultural. Since substance abuse provokes severe somatic diseases, detoxification of the body and its restoration are mandatory in the treatment.

The process of getting rid of dependence takes place in several stages:

First – the preparatory stage – awareness of the need for treatment, decision-making and, finally, referral to specialists.

We emphasize: the decision on the initiation of treatment is made by the dependent himself. Parents, friends and even psychologists can only push a person to take this decision. The only really effective motive is “I will be treated because I need it.” It is necessary not because I’m sick of listening to my mother’s screams, not because I have not enough money for drugs and it’s necessary to “lower the dose”, not because otherwise my parents will be expelled from home, but because the understanding has come to return to a full life free from drugs.

If the decision to start treatment is taken, then the removal of physical dependence – detoxification – follows.

The shortest stage of treatment

During detoxification, the addict acts more like a passive party – he follows the doctors’ instructions, receives medication and undergoes procedures that purify the body of the physical presence of the drug and exclude it from the metabolic process. Due to this, the manifestations of withdrawal symptoms stop and the patient stops experiencing physical suffering and the organic need for a new dose of the drug. Detoxification is the only one of the stages of treatment that requires the participation of a doctor. The duration of detoxification is 5-10 days. During this time, as a rule, it is possible to completely restore the patient physically.

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